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Sebastian Thomas

 Sebastian (formerly Firby) is such a wonderful dog. He is going to be 1 on March 31st and we can't wait to celebrate his birthday! He has been such a blessing to our family. He is a gentle and sweet dog. He has a wonderful and playful disposition and is always happy. He is easily trainable, so smart and listens well. He loves to go on daily hikes in our nearby park and swims in the stream. All we have to do is say the word hike and he goes crazy! He is very playful and has so many friends at the doggie park and in our neighborhood. We are so happy with our newest family member. Thank you for making this process so easy for us and taking such good care of him. P.S. Sebastian still has the toy zebra (we call him Marty) you gave him, it's his favorite toy!


  We absolutely adore our puppy (lynx)!! He is now 6 months old and growing very fast! He has been amazing with our two young children and receives plenty of love and attention! He is so smart and has been very easy to train! He has the best personality and we could not picture our life without him in it! Our experience has been so well that we have hope to one day add another to our family! The Weaver family was so great during the adoption process, they really care about each of their puppies! We highly recommend!

Elle sleeping in her new home


Just thought I would share a few updated pictures of Elle! She is thriving and currently 40lbs. Such a big girl 😊  She has learned to sit, lay down, and take walks on her leash. We couldn’t be more happier. 


We ABSOLUTELY love Eddie and we are so so happy he is our pup. He was such an easy puppy -  he is so smart so he caught onto house training without any problem. He quickly got used to walks, going into town, and car rides. 


As I am sure you know, he is 4 1/2 months now, and is literally growing before our eyes! It seems like every time we look at him, he is a little taller. He loves all of his soft toys (hasn’t destroyed one yet!), going on walks, sitting in the grass, jumping/swimming in the river, getting a lot of attention when we go into the town, and doing tricks. He is wonderful around every type of person and wants to play with every type of dog. We are so surprised at how smart he is and we think he just has the best personality.


We can’t thank you enough for your role in raising Eddie! It is obvious that he was loved and cared for the first weeks of his life. All of the attention you gave him has really paid off. Please thank your children for us- we really think the time he spent getting held and played with by them made him so comfortable around kids of all ages now!


I’d highly recommend adding one of these beautiful dogs to your own family. I want to start off by saying the process was extremely easy and smooth. We have been wanting a golden retriever for a while now and when we stumbled upon Timber, Sue and Steve were so prompt with their responses and answering any questions I had. Timber is the puppy we picked and was here in just two days after initially reaching out. He’s been the biggest joy to our family and is the sweetest boy. He’s super snuggly, loves his toys, LOVES TO EAT ALWAYS, going on walks, chasing leaves and being so friendly to everyone. I couldn’t imagine life without him and have to thank the Weavers for giving him to us. :) Thank you! -Ashley 


We are amazed by our blessed adoption of Twiggy! We have owned several AKC Golden Retrievers over the years. Twiggy is smart and trainable with a wonderful personality great for our family and great with our children. I truly feel the puppies from Pine Cone Retrievers could easily be trained as ideal service dogs and amazing family furry members. We are so blessed to have Twiggy! Services provided were very helpful. We were a bit reserved to commit to an adoption via finding Twiggy online but after talking to the breeders and other very satisfied families, we were all committed and highly satisfied with the transaction (and the adoption)!! Highly recommend this breeder! The quality is amazing.


We are so happy we added Cooper, a golden retriever puppy to our family. He is a very smart and funny puppy, full of personality. What a great addition to our family. We truly love him and glad we found this reputable breeder. We would recommend this breeder to anyone considering adding a new fur baby to their family. He knows how to sit, give paw and lay down. Cooper loves to walk, go for car rides, fetch his ball and we noticed him watching them play baseball on tv. He is 7 months old now and weighs around 63 pounds. If you want a smart fun loving dog give the Weavers a call you won’t be sorry.



We absolutely love our boy from Pine Cove Retrievers! Moose (formerly Emperor) is the most affectionate dog, he is always happy and highly trainable. He also has the softest coat I have ever felt on a Golden! Would highly recommend them!



We absolutely love our puppy. He was once named Tenny, but now goes by Rari . He has great temperament, behavior, and health! Thank you, Pine Cove Retrievers!!

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