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Kono of Pine Cove

Her Beautiful Children

IMG_8776 (2).JPG

Once an adorable puppy, now a beautiful adult, our beloved Fairy is Kono's daughter!

Meet Ember's Sweethearts.JPG

Her new babies... Born on September 21, 2020

Introducing Kono

Kono is our happy-go-lucky dog with endless energy. We added her to our family several years ago, when she was just a wee puppy, and we have enjoyed her presence greatly. Kono enjoys exploring, treats, and exercise. And she loves to play ball. 

Kono had eleven beautiful Goldendoodle babies a year ago. We found wonderful homes and forever families for them all over the United States---from upstate New York, to Michigan, to Illinois and more. Kono just gave birth to her second litter of babies (Purebred Golden Retrievers) this spring. A whopping litter of twelve! She is an awesome Mama, and all of her babies are doing great.  

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