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Fairy of Pine Cove

Meet Fairy's Sweethearts











They have found wonderful new homes!

We raised Fairy as a tiny baby. At eight-weeks-old, she was adopted by a family in rural Ohio. She moved to a dairy farm where she was house trained and received lots of love and attention. However, when Fairy was 8-months-old her family's life got hectic, and they needed to rehome her. When they contacted us asking for help with the process, we moved her in with our family until we could find another home for her. In the meantime, we fell in love with her beautiful personality, and parting with her became too difficult. She is a keeper!

So here she is! She lives in our house with us, and is like a fluffy teddy bear to our children. She is quiet and patient, and thrives on love. She enjoys her chewing bones, her special yellow ball, and going on long walks. She loves everyone, and is extra special to all of our family.


On March 3rd, she gave birth to ten, healthy (F1B mini Goldendoodle) puppies. She settled right into the mommy role, and is caring for her babies beautifully. The puppies are all growing like weeds, and being adored and spoiled by our children...

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