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Ivy of Pine Cove

Ivy is our sweet, friendly girl. She is absolutely greedy with belly scratches, (a trait she passes on to her babies) and is a friend for life to anyone who obliges! 


Like her sisters, her beautiful light golden fur is long and feathery. She weighs approximately 60 lbs.

Ivy's babies are known to share their Mama's sweet temperment...

Ivy 1.JPG

Meet a few of Ivy's Previous Babies...

IMG_0599 (2)

Jewel At 2 1/2 weeks

IMG_4016 (2)

Jewel at 5 weeks

IMG_5020 (2)

Jewel is moving to Illinois! (6 1/2 weeks)

20201212_114637_capture (1)_edited

Jewel is now Ivy! (10 months)


Ivy (Jewel) celebrating her first birthday!


Ivy (Jewel) at 2 years

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